"Work On Strengthening Your Energy First Before
You Start Working On Anything Else."


“Overall, You Yi’s method is quite unheard of in the teaching. He challenges both traditional and conventional myth and clears most misunderstandings to bring a more practical approach as much as he preached a Unified Yi Jing – for everyday greater harmony. Thank you and I have learnt much from the 4 days’ lesson and training."

Iron Goh / Singapore



Teacher Youyi 黃有易 is a renowned and the very first teacher to teach in both Chinese and English mediums in South-East Asia.


All course syllabuses, including practical training are designed and developed by him. They are delivered through a structured curriculum that uses verifiable scientific approach.


Teacher Youyi has made it a point to not only impart the technical skills sets, but also life skills and wisdom that would help students refine their characters and become a better person in the process of learning.