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In the Bazi Self-Mastery course, we would bring students more into the how to and solution portion of the Bazi study. The course would help student gain a more in depth knowledge and functions of the components involved in this system of destiny analysis. We would dive into the detailed analysis on different areas of life, such relationship, career, wealth and health.


Bazi is like a map governing our destiny path.  It is easy for anyone to fall off the track and the price tag attached can be heavy.  Everything exist in our universe comes in form of Yin Yang polarity.  The Yang side of our Destiny reveals what people sees of us.  While the Yin side of our destiny embedding the truth of ourselves.  A plain simple law of this universe states it is what cannot be seen creates those that can be seen. Yi Jing Time Space Bazi offers an unprecedented opportunity of self-mastery that you will learn how to tap on Bazi to coach yourself from inside out with your own destiny chart.


After students have a thorough understanding of this, we would explore further into utilizing the different “cures” found in Chinese Metaphysics to enhance different areas of their lives.

































By now students should know that gaining an understanding of your own Bazi not only allows you understand your strength and weaknesses, it allows you to peep into the future, with this road map in hand, you could lessen the impact of harmful events and capitalize on opportunities that comes your way.



Anyone with interest in learning a Bazi system that one to take truly apply to take control of their life.



Those who completed Working With Destiny.



Upon completion of Bazi Self-Mastery™ Mastery course, you will receive a certificate.



This course will be conducting in English or Mandarin language.




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