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Time Space Synchronicity Divination

Your Choice Shape Your Future

Where we are today being the result of the cumulative decisions and choices we have made to date. How different would your life be if you are able to consciously make a wise decision? Would you steer away from the partnerships that turned sour? Would you grab that opportunity that turned out to be a huge success? This is what this course is all about. To impart participants with a tool to get answers to specifiic questions through understanding the natural law of the Universe. It is more than a Yes or No to a question, it draws both our conscious and sub-conscious mind to synchronize with or beyond time space.



Upon completing this course, students would be able to derive outcomes based on scientific approach of Yi Jing. Students would to able to predict events and choose the options which best suit them. Students would learn step by step, layer by layer approach to decoding a divination.


Unchanging variables are referred to as yin, while the ever changing dynamic variables are referees to as yang. At Time Space Synchronicity Divination course, students would learn what is not taught in books, how to capture "Yang(阳)" variables to complement their divination analysis.


Through a structured approach, students would be taught how to combine ancient classics wisdom with interaction with time space. Students would learn integrate signs and images from their surroundings to bring about a detailed and accurate analysis of the events ahead. This would enable one to derive answers to our question/receive insights so as enhance our life.




































  • The Attributes of the 12 Earthly Branches

  • The 12 Earthly Branches Inter-Relationship

  • Interpretation of the Gua and its interaction with 12 Earthly branches

  • Framework for decoding the Gua

  • The Attribute of the 64 hexagrams

  • Dynamic reading of the Divination

  • Integrating the time-space, numbers, external signs and images into decoding Divination

  • Divination for Partnership, Marriage, Dwelling, Work, Health, Lawsuits and many more

  • Understanding Destiny

  • Cosmic Trinity in Divination



Anyone who wish to master this predictive tool.



Student who completed Working With Destiny.



Upon completion of Time Space Synchronicity Divination course, you will receive a certificate.



This course will be conducting in English or Mandarin language.

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