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“You Yi is a passionate trainer who believes in inculcating right values and philosophies of the wisdom systems that he shared. 

I like that he reminds us that every Gua / Bazhi has hope to be rectified and saved and one should not be “beaten” by one’s numbers. 

Our actions determine our destiny after being “aware” of our heaven and earth! He also debunks silly practices in the use of Yi Jing to make it totally a life skill and it is super practical."

Ong Su Kit / Singapore / Mechanical Engineering

“Reinforce my understanding of Yi Jing , but will have to take more effort for its application to Feng Shui. Thanks."



Toh Cher Lek / Singapore


“I am thankful of the honest sharing.Your dedication to learning and teaching is admirable.Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Pameela Kea / Singapore

“Very good course. Definitely value for money. Will recommend this to the rest of my friends."

Andrew Goh / Singapore

“The course has demystified the stdy of I-ching into a very scientific approach"

Soo Chee Sern / Singapore

“He got passion to share and histeaching technic is very different. Class very enjoyable.Appreciate it so much. Thank you!"

Maya Orrawan / Singapore

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