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1 Day Training Course

Course Outline


Divine with Humanistic Five Elements
Master Youyi refers the Humanistic Five Elements as the Eastern Psychology. This unique system devised by Master Youyi enables us to gain insights into human behaviors. You will learn about:


• Characteristics of Humanistic Five Elements
• Humanistic Five Elements and Your Behavior
• Application of the Humanistic Five Elements


► Yin Yang Face Reading
Do you know the general appearance of a person’s face reveals much of one’s character and energy? In this segment, Master Youyi will guide us through:


• Yin Yang of the Face
• Apply Face Reading in Partnership


► Divination
When we talk about Yi Jing Divination, you will realize that there is nothing religious or mystical about it. It is a scientific analysis based on the interaction of the five elements. Topics covered include:


• Spontaneous Divination
• External Occurrence
• Interpretation


► 2016 Annual Feng Shui
Feng Shui is the study of our dynamic environment or more specifically, how our environment affects us. Teacher Youyi will teach you how to see our surroundings, how your "space" affect your luck for year 2016 and how do you harness the Qi for Bing Shen(丙申)year to improve your luck for 2016. You will learn about:


• How to connect the Bing Shen(丙申)year Qi with you.

• Enance 2016 with the internal placement to create better wealth luck.

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