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4 Day Training Course

Learn the tools to work with your destiny!


The Working With Destiny programme has been designed to provide student a holistic approach to learning and applying the knowledge from the Yi Jing.


The course's rich content is been supported with a structured content delivery curriculum that would help students build a strong foundation in Chinese Metaphysics. Topics coverage includes: Yin & Yang, the 5 elements, Ba Gua, Kinships, Feng Shui and Divination.


Upon completion of this course students would not only have a firm grab of the core foundations of Chinese Metaphysics but also understand how the dynamic interaction of the environment with the concept of synchronicity could be put to good use.


Feng Shui is a study of our dynamic environment or more specifically, how our surrounding environment affects us. Feng Shui study helps one bridge the Earth aspect, it will reveal to us how closely we are tied together in this universe.


Once you understand the intimate relationship which we share with our environment you will recognize how we can make use of our surrounding to assist us in our growth.


Certain environment is more conducive for certain events to take place, depending on your goals in life, the knowledge of Feng Shui will assist you in selecting and positioning yourself in an environment that could help you flourish.


The concept and principle of Yi Jing Time Space Feng Shui offered in this program is scientific and it taps onto time space, environmental observations, cyclical analysis to tell the past and predict the future.































Students will be coached step by step on the principles of time space dynamism, how to analyze and relate environment and images to Ba Gua, how to plot internal Taiji as well as how placements of interior decorations and furniture will impact luck and destiny.


With this level of understanding, students will be able to apply this knowledge to interior home decorations and proper placements of existing furniture. Students will be able to make prediction on luck, career and health based on the knowledge acquired as well as provide simple remedy to the situation.

When the right lace and the right time is present, it would take an action from man to bridge the two to set off the chain reaction for an event to come to fruition. The Man aspect is all about conscious choice and taking action.


When we talk about Yi Jing Divination, many would think of tossing of coins, coupled with making reference to a thick Yi Jing book. Wouldn't it be troublesome to have to bring around coins and thick book wherever you go?


When you start to study the topic of divination from the Yi Jing, you would realise that there is nothing religious or mystical about it, it is a scientific analysis based on the interaction of the 5 elements. Armed with this knowledge, one would be able to do a forecasting for any event to gauge the probability of a beneficial or non-beneficial outcome.


Yi Jing Divination has been practiced as a skill to supplement the decision making process for thousands of years, it's a reliable methodology that has stood the test of time. Through consciously making choices that is beneficial to us, we can be sure that we consistently taking steps towards a better future.

You will learn various methods to cast divination at anywhere and at any time. This dynamic approach allows you to derive and decode divination from your environment to complement your daily decision making.




































Yi Jing Foundation
Yin Yang - Human Affairs, Feng Shui, Divination and Face Reading
Five Elements - Understanding Five Elements, Practical Applications
Ba Gua - Early Heaven and Later Heaven Ba Gua
Ba Gua Thinking - Train in the Images of Ba Gua
Ba Gua Practicality - Discuss the Practical Applications of Ba Gua

Studies of Humanistic Five Elements
Humanistic Five Elements - Eastern Psychology, using 5 elements to better understand ourselves, and in so improve ourselves and gain insight to our human behavioral

Method of Divination - Apply numbers and various spontaneous methods for divination
Gua Reading - Step by step approach to perform analysis on the derived Gua
Gua Deciphering - Learn to analyse and decode the Gua and apply remedies

Feng Shui
Ba Gua Positions - Understand the directions associated with each Gua
Ba Gua and Five Elements - Understand the five elements associated with each Gua
Ba Gua Characteristic - Understand the family member associated with each Gua
Ba Gua Attributes - Identify items associated with five elements and Gua imagery
Erecting Tai Ji - Learn to setup the Tai Ji for each living space inside the house
Furniture Placement - Learn to place your furniture in the correct Gua and choosing the right colour
Ornament Placement - Learn to place ornament in the correct Gua and assess whether items are place in the appropriate Gua for maximum benefits




Anyone with an interest to learn and apply Chinese Metaphysics to empower their destiny.



None, execpt an open mind to receive the teaching.



Upon completion of Working With Destiny course, student may choose to undertake the Time Space Synchronicity Divination, Yi Jing Time Space Feng Shui course or/and Bazi Self-Mastery course.



This course will be conducting in English or Mandarin language.







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